Macha & Co

With traditional recipes, it is important that it comes with some form of balanced modernization. The brand does this by introducing several unique product creations to freshen things up and to be relevant with the younger generations.


The brand also focusses on contemporary and distinctive playful food presentation. From the array of dishes on display to the individual indian tapas that is served up, it is one way of adding value to good-old simple food, whilst differentiating itself from its competitors.

Banana Leaf Meals Are Enjoyed By All Malaysians

Macha and Co. places emphasis on it’s modern ambience. It strongly believes that the restaurant setting not only provides lifestyle dining, but it should also provide much needed comfort and hygiene to its consumers.


As banana leaf meals are enjoyed by all races and religions in Malaysia, we believe the operations team should symbolize that too. With a diversed service fleet, Macha & Co. aims to provide heartfelt hospitality to further distinguish the brand.


With humble confidence and clear objectives, the brand’s expansion plans is geared towards increasing its presence in shopping malls, because we aim to provide greater convenience and dining alternative to shoppers.